Why ZGlass Only Does RV Windshield Replacement In-shop

Although it may initially be more convenient to have a glass replacement service come to the RV, there are many reasons why the RV should come to a shop properly equipped and with the experience to perform the windshield removal and installation.

RV owners needing their windshields replaced have sometimes asked us why we require them to bring their RV into our shop when some glass replacement businesses will do this on a mobile basis?  It is a fair question.  Of course, having vehicle glass technicians do the replacement at your location is a great convenience.  However, our extensive experience in RV windshield replacement has shown that in-shop replacement is far superior in many areas.  Your RV is a significant investment. When a windshield is replaced, safety, protection of your RV and quality installation are our goals.  That is why we at ZGLASS want you to know our views and experience in RV windshield replacement.


Your safety and the safety of our technicians is the first and most critical consideration in RV windshield replacement.  For the RV owner, your windshield is one of the most important safety elements of your vehicle.  While everyone hopes an accident will never occur, protecting you and your passengers is always primary.  Windshields are an integral part of the entire RV structure – protecting you and your passengers from ejection, dangerous entry of outside objects and preventing the cabin from being crushed in the event of a rollover.  For such a crucial function of safety, the trade off between the convenience of mobile replacement and the safe, controlled environment of our shop we have chosen the process maximizing safe installation. 

The safety of our technicians is also essential.  ZGLASS uses ZG3 technology  to assist in the secure removal and replacement of the heavy and awkward windshield glass of an RV.  We recommend you read the white paper ZG3 Technology in Action to understand how this system offers optimum windshield replacement . Besides the ZG3, our shop provides a controlled climate, level work surfaces and the ladders and scaffolding necessary to provide a safe work environment for our technicians.

Protecting Your RV

By doing the replacements in our shop, your RV is harbored in a temperature controlled building out of the elements. (insert picture of RV’s in shop) When a windshield is removed outdoors, there is a potential the cabin will be exposed to dust, insects, rain and, in some areas, even snow.  It is common to experience issues in the removal and installation process that greatly extend the time of replacement and the period the cabin is exposed. Sometimes, this means technicians must return on a different day to complete the job.  An unfortunate issue we sometimes see in mobile replaced windshields are shoddy shortcuts because the technicians are under pressure to complete the job before they leave. By doing windshields in our shop not only do you have the peace of mind your RV will not be exposed to the elements, but you are free from worry of intruders easily entering the open windshield frame. 

Another consideration is when your RV is in our shop, should anything happen, coverage is protected under our shop insurance.


Although you will find more detail in the white paper ZG3 Technology in Action, this technology dramatically enhances quality in installation.  For windshields that must have the urethane adhesive cut out and new urethane adhesive applied before installation the ZG3 is the very best system. It both prevents the windshield from accidentally and dangerously falling during removal, but it also allows for easy pre-placement that assures the most accurate final installation.  Although all manufacturers of RV windshields recommend pre-placement, the heavy and awkward nature of RV glass often sees this step skipped.  We ALWAYS pre-place the RV windshield.

Because the ZG3 allows for zero error placement of the windshield, you are assured there will be no issues in safety, air or water leakage later.

In the installation of regular vehicle windshields, technicians will use the palms of their hands to push the windshield into the urethane adhesive bed to make sure it is properly seated and any voids eliminated. RV windshields are much different and an entirely different process is required to assure proper seating into the adhesive. 

Like this boy who is able to safely lie on a bed of sharp nails, the massive surface area of an RV windshield frame requires pressure greater than can be applied manually.  ZGLASS uses a variety of techniques to mechanically press the windshield into the urethane adhesive, including straps and internally applied suction cups.  Frequently, we find the windshield may require slight flexing to properly seat in the frame.  This means the windshield must be held in place for a sufficient period of time to have the urethane set properly, preventing it from springing back and separating from the frame which can lead to air and water leaks.


Although it may initially be more convenient to have a glass replacement service come to the RV, there are many reasons why the RV should come to a shop properly equipped and with the experience to perform the windshield removal and installation. Safety, protection and quality are the essential outcomes of any replacement and our experience has proven these are best achieved by coming to our shop.

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