Washington business ZGlass finds auto glass niche with unique tool

WASHINGTON — When something sprung up from the highway and struck the windshield of Larry Waller’s recreational vehicle, the resulting cracks required an odyssey of their own to fix.

Even though Waller and his wife were on their way from Morton to a gathering sponsored by the manufacturer of their RV, no vendors on-site in northeast Indiana could do the job.

Waller discovered that he could even buy a replacement windshield in the area straight from an aftermarket manufacturer, but he couldn’t find anyone to install it.

After multiple calls coordinated by his insurance company, Waller ended up at a specialty shop in his own backyard — a business in Washington that provides a niche service using equipment developed on-site with safety in mind.

“I didn’t know where I was going to end up when I started,” Waller said a few weeks after finally getting the repair completed. “We got referred to one group, and they referred us to another, then finally we got to set it up in central Illinois.”

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